Karman’s life

Looking around behind the scenes is always captivating. Stepping into dressing rooms leaves always something that you would rarely discover in public. Karman wishes to eternalize moments having the gift of natural and truthful revealing details of a company and of the staff animating it. In short, Karman’s life.

Karman Storytelling: tales of extraordinary ordinariness

Behind the creation of each designer lamp, each project, and each catalogue is the work of ordinary people who transform something ordinary, lighting, into something extraordinary, which strikes and excites. Different stories united by a common thread: light and what is possible to tell through it, always obtaining new food for thought. Freedom to be, irony, and careful observation of the world to grasp its tendencies, vices, and virtues and transform them into light. This is how Karman’s decorative lighting, for interiors and exteriors, comes to life. From the passion and a pinch of madness of a team that wants to show its most transparent authenticity to the world

2024 Catalogue: Break The Silence

Break the silence, a metaphor for change as the path to make our lives better, because it’s never too late to decide to be happy.

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2023 Catalogue: The Silent Force

The new Karman collections are presented in hybrid environments between fiction and reality, home and jungle, order and chaos, and between control and freedom, to emphasize man’s essential and contradictory bond with Nature.

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We’re living submerged in a world of plastic: it wraps itself around us, closing us in. We must start again from that light, whether metaphorical or real, and rebuild a different vision of life. Here at Karman, we’re working on it.

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Backstage catalogue 2021: Black or White

This project offers us the opportunity to underline our total aversion to any form of abuse, and to those who want to build walls and divide, and to split humanity into black and white, into races, clans, and tribes.

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Ready for a new adventure? Discover the CAPSULE shoot

The idea was to shift the focus to a new form of creativity. A timeless shot that envelopes and shows off the lamp, freeing it from all contexts. With no backdrops.

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Backstage catalogue 2020: Set your style free

In this pages, Karman speak about style. That style is ageless. It is never inappropriate. If you don’t have it, you’ll lose zest for life, that moment you can’t go after. The style… with Karman eyes.

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Little Italy Experience Catalogue

In a teeny-tiny Italy, the possibility to dialog with the monuments of the past, face to face, in a bold encounter: universally renowned architectural wonders were populated with lamps and that new “realities” formed in front of our eyes with great marvel.

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A light forever

Free to exist Karman tells its story and does so by referring to the experiences of a number of “iconic” characters…

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Backstage catalogue 2019: A light forever

Karman also this time has undertaken an ambitious adventure and so arduous in telling 2019 news. A light forever is a real photographic itinerary , in black and white style, into the lives of those who have decided to do of their existence a path of coherence and passion…

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Sicily Market Experience: The Trip

Pictures that tell a story of a trip in Sicily.
Land of people who, every day, live and survive, while everything goes by, in a universal drift, as an immutable, written fate.
An archaic world, that is working in the shade of its alleys where, in an end of summer day.

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Backstage catalogue 2018: Under another light

The world we experience is nothing but a partial portrayal of reality. Conscious of the fact that, the individual point of view harbours the limitation and the nature of human beliefs, we would like to invite you to reflect on what you see, to adopt an approach guided by the mind: to observe the world through a different pair of eyes, indeed, under another light…

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Karman lights up your bathroom

The bathroom is becoming ever more the place dedicated to the self-care and well-being. Comfort and design are fundamental for a…

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When the project becomes inspiration

Free and spontaneous inspiration. It’s an internal tension moment. Often, for the professional, the project is a great source of inspiration…

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Welcome in Karman!

Casa Karman è un ambiente ideato per accogliere l’ospite che desidera conoscere l’essenza dell’azienda.
Entri in Casa Karman e ti senti a casa. Immagini in bianco e nero appese alle pareti raccontano momenti “rubati” dello staff dell’azienda, oggetti del passato riaffiorano di tanto in tanto a suggellare l’attaccamento col nostro trascorso.

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Backstage catalogue 2017: Need of light

It is the common thread that unites all humanity. Horizontally. Democracy applied to universal suffrage. Our atavistic needs are fulfilled by it. Physiological in its material sense. Individual in its path. Its auspicious ending leads us to a bright state of mental and physical wellbeing; in the worst-case scenario to a loss of reason…

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Taste of sea, mountains and cities… taste of Karman

In this summer 2016 the t-shirts by Karman have been around the world! We are publishing all pictures, of who’s funny…

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The Karman recipe

We cook for you only delicious light… Ingredients: 450 gr. design 2 creativity spoonfuls 200 gr. passion one guffaw 1 kg…

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Backstage catalogue 2016: Change your light

Karman once again redefines the very idea of beauty attempting to get the best out of sensorial involvement and field of suggestions. The aesthetic path these attributes lead us along is philosophically rooted. The result of this aim glints from every page to prove that such a process can become true and that as Karman that which is possible.

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Limited edition book

“I leave you with this story, made up of fleeting images and moments in time, with that curiosity that motivates each…

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Backstage video 2016: 10 years with Karman

This video is dedicated to the ones who love to tell little stories, who live lives of emotion, who are able to grab simplicity within full complexity and wish to seize Beauty in it all. To those who begin the day with just one single thought in their heads, as well as to the ones who have an overabundance of thoughts and, every day, peer into the mirror and are still able to smile.

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Made in Karman

Every catalogue tells a story. Every story displayed in a setting. A true journey into memory. Objects manufactured on purpose to…

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A video for Karman

This video is dedicated to the ones who love to tell little stories, who live lives of emotion, who are able…

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KARMANDO: a story-telling in the form of a comic for Karman

True to its philosophy of thinking out of the box, Karman strives to invent ever-new ways of telling stories. Such as its graphic novel starring Karmando, an investigator battling against the evil Ombra: a playful comic strip from a company that enjoys inventing new languages ​​with sincerity and passion.

Karmando as main character of the comic is the front man marking out in a very ironical and daring way the main image of the company; “the beauty of lighting” as “bello” appears in his most suitable guise: a confused investigator, truly unconventional, getting along with a shady case committed by a very resentful “Shadow”.

Download the first two issues!

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Backstage catalogue 2015: The source of light

Karman lighting this time is lighting of a life. Karman staff amuses itself to create by craftsmen an old cradle where a baby owl peeps out. Like a father preparing himself a bit apprehensive before a birth. The cover this time has a sweet taste, nearly endearing for the brand Karman. As well as for the world. A new lighting is arriving.

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Backstage catalogue 2014: The magic of lighting

Magic, play, wonder, splendor, fairy-tale. At the same time incitement, irony and a clear invitation to play down and see things “beyond their appearance”. Play means as well dream, debunk with characters and animals who always went along with our tender age’s fairy-tales.

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Backstage catalogue 2013: The beauty of lighting

That is the catalogue introducing our “handsome” model (il ‘Bello della luce’) who will go along with Karman also in following future story-telling thanks to its face and very intense gazing. The Past is able to provide a surplus value to the Present time just like wrinkles on a human face are able to tell its story and passions.

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Backstage catalogue 2012: Whenever light talks

Vallugola Bay: an earthly paradise in the middle of Italy’s coasts within Marche Region . Seaside, very white stones, blue sky. A truly wonderful framing for Karman’s positive madness and its whole collection of lamps who really look like bearing a soul. That is the reason why the image on the cover shows human bodies having a conversation and a lamp stands in for their faces.

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