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An event for Karman is to share a moment, an idea, a project, a sensation.

Euroluce 2023

We had great success with the public at Euroluce 2023. After four years, we are proud to present the important and contradictory link between man and nature, between home and jungle, order and chaos, control and freedom, artificial and real, in a mixed environment, as the new 2023 Karman claim introduced.

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Karman turns its light on Moscow on – October 2019

For the second time Karman attends at Salone del Mobile_Moscow, which is now into its 15th edition at Crocus Expo. An important step to support the strong international development of Karman and to support a strategic market as the Russian one, even more sensitive to design and high quality.

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Exclusive dinner in Florence

An old tobacco factory, for one night, becomes the place of high culinary genius, beginning of all knowledge.

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Euroluce 2019: a light forever

Switching light on and off. An everyday, voluntary and repeated gesture, sometimes carried out automatically, and which apparently, seems to have nothing to do with the concept of irreversibility. Karman on the other hand, with its usual irony and irreverent freedom of expression, has set out a sense of parallelism, an allusion to circumstances

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Karman at Oslo | Kontorrama

The attention to the design and the taste for decorative lighting are the ingredients that brought the Karman presentation at Kontorrama, the Norwegian dealer who wanted to communicate the Made in Italy in Oslo

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Karman in London for the Darc Night

Karman partecipa all’esclusiva Darc Night, un evento creativo tra genio e follia dove si incontrano architetti e designer nell’eclettica cornice del Fabric di Londra.

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Cocktail Party with Karman

Thursday, 24th of May, at Montenero53 Showroom, Karman will present the collection 2018.

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Karman lights up the Milano Design Week

During the Milano Design Week, Karman has created well-chosen partnership with any italian and foreign companies.

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A Christmas with Karman

In a magical night of December something special was appening in Karman.
While all people was sleeping, a strange team of Karman-elfs worked without a stop to realize many presents.

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Light & Wine Day

Cosa hanno in comune Karman e la Cantina Murola?
La passione, lo studio della migliore tecnologia e la spinta ad ottenere sempre una più alta qualità dei prodotti.

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Karman partecipa al Focus Design 2017

Di tutti gli ambienti domestici, il bagno è forse il protagonista delle maggiori trasformazioni, ridiventando luogo di benessere, relax, socializzazione, quasi un ritorno alle sue origini classiche.

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Karman between the unmistakable memory of the tradition and the constant research for innovation.

The soft light of the Karman lamps creates at sunset a magical atmosphere. The places that Karman chooses to give birth to its events and convivial moments aren’t selected at random.

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